• Are caused by the modern lifestyle and habits
  • They are a major cause of illness and death.
  • More than 60% of deaths in India are caused by life style diseases or NCDs
  • Smoking, drinking, bad diet and lack of exercise are the most common causes


  • It is never too late to protect yourself (and your family) from major harm
  • You can start by getting the correct checks to find out the damage and get treatment if required.
  • This can be followed by lifestyle changes to lead a healthier and safer life.


  • Normal health checks are not designed for particular lifestyle disease.
  • That is why Insight Diagnostics introduces special LifeChecks for the first time in twin states.
  • Each LifeCheck is designed for a particular lifestyle problem or disease
  • The advanced LifeChecks also include CT and MRI scans where required.

LifeChecks presently available at Insight Diagnostics:

  • Smoker’s LifeCheck (Basic)
  • Smoker’s LifeCheck (Advanced)
  • Drinker’s LifeCheck (Basic)
  • Drinker’s LifeCheck (Advanced)
  • Overweight or Obesity LifeCheck (Basic)
  • Overweight or Obesity LifeCheck (Advanced)