Drinker’s LifeCheck

Insight Diagnostics introduced revolutionary LifeChecks which are specially designed for various lifestyle related issues like excess drinking.

Alcohol and Health

  • Too much of alcohol can cause a large range of health problems
  • One of the most common is liver problems – starting as fatty liver and then liver
    cirrhosis and even liver cancer
  • Alcohol can also increase the risk for several other cancers
  • It can lead to high blood pressure leading to strokes
  • Heart problems including heart rhythm disturbances can also happen.
  • Because alcohol has calories and also makes you eat more, there is a high risk of obesity and other problems
  • Can contribute to the causes of diabetes

What can you do

  • Try and reduce your alcohol consumption to acceptable minimal levels
  • Have specially designed checks to check for any damage
  • Have treatment where necessary at an early stage.

The Drinker’s LifeCheck by Insight Diagnostics

  • Is designed to focus on specific needs of drinkers
  • The advanced package includes advanced studies like MRI of the liver for fat
Drinker’s LifeCheck (Basic)

  • Liver function tests
  • Clotting tests
  • Viral markers – HIV, HBsAG, anti HCV, VDRL
  • Ultrasound Abdomen
  • 2D Echo, TMT
  • CBP
  • FBS
  • Lipid profile
  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Diet and Stress Management
  • Basic Body Measures: Height, Weight & BMI
  • Vital Signs: Pulse & BP
  • Gastroenterologist Consultation
  • Counselling to reduce or quit drinking (optional)

Drinker’s LifeCheck (Advanced)

  • All of the above tests
  • MRI of the Liver for Liver Fat – using advanced technology to see the amount of fat in liver without need for needle biopsies.