Introducing Cardiac CT

A highly effective non-invasive tool for excluding obstructive coronary disease with a negative predictive value of up to 99%. We, at Insight Diagnostics, welcome referrals from Cardiologists and also from other doctors for quick assessment and referral of appropriate patients to cardiology.



Ideal for people with no symptoms but with a moderate or high-risk of coronary heart disease.


  • Patients with Chest Pain Syndrome:
    1. Low risk patients
    2. Intermediate risk patients
    3. Patients who can’t exercise or equivocal stress test
  • Patients with normal stress test but continuing symptoms
  • When coronary anomalies are suspected
    1. But with normal ECG and negative enzymes
    2. With uninterpretable ECG or non-diagnostic bio markers
    3. Triple rule out to exclude coronary disease, Aortic dissection and PE
  • Patients with acute chest pain:
  • Patients with no symptoms but with a high-risk
  • Others:
    1. Cardiac evaluation before other major surgery (where appropriate)
    2. Evaluation of chest pain with patients with CABG or Coronary stents.
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